75″ Interactive Touch Screen


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Brand: Konka

Screen Size: 65″

Dimension: 1284.7 x 797.5×90.1 mm

Resolution: 4K

Application: Meeting, School, Training Center, Office…

√Colorful Hand-writing
√Multiple Touch
√Replaceable Background
√Arbitrarily-insert Pictures
√Files Securely-encrypted and Safely-shared via QR Code Scan
√Efficient Presentation Anytime
√Two-way Control between your mobile devices and KK Intelligent Hub
√Divi-screen Display, able to split into 4 windows with different signals
√High Stablility
√Synchronous Sound & Image
√Face-to-Face Communication without Delay
√Take Notes under Any Pages; Leave your Remarks as You Wish
√Hardwearing Polished Aluminum Frame
√glare Tempered Glass

219,900 ден

Нема на залиха